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Scott 2017 ski reviews

Reviewers' score

Sage from Scott is the new name of the Sagebrush, reviewed last year by PROSKILAB. The ski does not seem to have changed much and its performance is very similar to the model already tested.

The Sage will instantly reassure the least experienced skiers. Its behaviour is sound and intuitive and the ski is stable and quickly gives confidence. Tolerant, it's very forgiving in errors of positioning or pressure.... Read on

Reviewers' score

"The Ski" by Scott is a model that the PROSKILAB™ team know very well. Over the last few seasons it has held its own in this selection of the best skis in the category, without ever quite managing to get to the top.

It doesn't seem to have changed much compared to last season and continues to please for its handling qualities and the enjoyment it gives. It's instantly manageable. First... Read on