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Nordica 2017 ski reviews

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The Italian ski culture is more racing-oriented than freeride. When Nordica suggested we review the Enforcer last year, we have to admit that we were a bit wary, not to say downright sceptical. But our role is to unearth the best skis on the market, which we sometimes find where we least expect! The 2016 ski was therefore pre-tested with success, and so was selected for the PROSKILAB™ review with the same results... Read on

Reviewers' score

Although the Italian market is more focused on racing than freeride Nordica's Enforcer gave the PROSKILAB™ reviewers a good surprise last year. The Enforcer is fast becoming a benchmark ski in the All Mountain Fat category (or All mountain 30/70 at PROSKILAB™).
The ski got a "Best ski" distinction in the All Mountain 30/70 category, and did just as well this year!

We tested a 93-mm... Read on

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Usually selected and tested with success, the Dobermann GSR EDT was awarded the "Best ski" distinction in this category last year, and was a ski that the reviewers really loved. The model got special praise for its performance, while remaining accessible for a non-competition public.

The version reviewed this year (Dobermann GSR RB EVO) has been fitted with carbon inserts ("Racing Bridge"... Read on

Reviewers' score

The Nordica GT 80 ti EVO is a great all-mountain ski, largely due to its width underfoot (80 mm) which makes it comfortable on all types of snow. Turn initiation is very easy and edge hold in turns is excellent.

It's remarkably easy, predictable, tolerant and enjoyable. The smooth transition between carves and skids makes cruising especially satisfying.

The ski is quite heavy and lacks the stiffness... Read on