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Head 2017 ski reviews

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Unable to review this ski last year because of a preparation problem, the Super Joy from Head is back with a vengeance this year and (easily, we have to admit) scoops the "Best Ski" medal for this category.

The first quality noted by the PROSKILAB™ reviewers is its incredible versatility. The ski is happy in all types of ride, snow conditions and terrain. From gliding around on soft snow to aggressive... Read on

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We decided to include the iSpeed Rebels from Head in the PROSKILAB™ review after the pre-tests and discussions with the brand, and we were not disappointed. This model really walks the talk in powder! There's no doubt, it’s the kind of ski that invites you to rip through the snow.

With incisive initiation, fantastic turn performance, exceptional stability and explosive push-off, the ski reminds... Read on

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As soon as you hit the piste, you know that Head's "Premium" is designed for carving.
Its well-distributed stiffness helps it to excel in this domain. Turn entry is fast and incisive, grip is excellent and rebound is full of punch. It has no complexes attacking the turn, and edge hold is incredibly stable, linking turns extremely smoothly, even at considerable angles. Its shape, the quality of turn... Read on

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The Strong Instinct Ti from Head immediately stands out as a ski adapted to the weakest levels. The ski enters turns easily, skid turns are very consistent and reassuring and its tail helps produce successful parallel turns after a snowplough opening. It's brilliant for beginners and fair to middling riders.

In addition, the ski is extremely comfortable and requires little physical engagement. Highly versatile,... Read on

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The 13.1m radius on the Supershape Magnum from Head gives an indication of what's to come. This is a ski designed for short turns, where its smooth and nimble performance is impressive. As one reviewer put it: "you have the impression you've got a snowblade under your feet!"

Initiation is immediate, grip is excellent and turn control impeccable... as long as you're well positioned. In... Read on

Reviewers' score

Last year, we detected a problem of preparation with the Absolute Joy that Head gave us to test, so we wanted to review the model again this season.

The ski perfectly fulfills its mission in terms of accessibility, which the reviewers considered as excellent. It’s very user-friendly, and obviously happy in the snowplough and skid turns, as well as entering turns.

However, like many of its rivals... Read on