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Men's All-Mountain back ski reviews 2017

In the 'All-mountain back' category, we select and review the best skis on the market for a one-ski piste/freeride tool. The qualities required include piste performance (initiation, turn performance, grip, stability, rebound, etc.), comfort, overall versatility and off-piste behaviour (flotation in powder, rotation, fluidity in challenging snow conditions, etc.). The skis usually have between 92 and 100 mm underfoot, a distinctive tip, a large rocker and a relatively straight shape.

The best skis in this category are great performers both on the piste and in freeride. They're designed with experienced riders in mind who want a tool that will adapt to all types of snow and all terrains.
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With several "Best ski" awards under its belt in recent years, Völkl's Mantra is one of the best skis on the market in this category. It remains top again this year, despite the increasingly strong competition in this highly lucrative segment.

The ski doesn't seem to have changed since last year, and confirms its main quality: its totally amazing on/off-piste versatility!

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PROSKILAB™'s aim is to make a comparative test of a limited selection of the best skis available on the market. We've been watching the ZAG for several years now and, after some discussions with the brand, decided to include the H95 in the 2017 review. Well, it was definitely a good move as the reviewers absolutely raved about the model.

It's very rare that the brands' marketing... Read on

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High-performing, comfortable, versatile and well balanced, the ski stands out for its all-round qualities. A real Swiss knife, it will take you anywhere, on all terrains and snow conditions and in all types of ride, without shining in any particular area. It requires little engagement, even if initiation is a little slow. However, once into the turn, the performance is smooth and the grip excellent thanks to its stiff... Read on

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Although the Italian market is more focused on racing than freeride Nordica's Enforcer gave the PROSKILAB™ reviewers a good surprise last year. The Enforcer is fast becoming a benchmark ski in the All Mountain Fat category (or All mountain 30/70 at PROSKILAB™).
The ski got a "Best ski" distinction in the All Mountain 30/70 category, and did just as well this year!

We tested a 93-mm... Read on

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Sage from Scott is the new name of the Sagebrush, reviewed last year by PROSKILAB. The ski does not seem to have changed much and its performance is very similar to the model already tested.

The Sage will instantly reassure the least experienced skiers. Its behaviour is sound and intuitive and the ski is stable and quickly gives confidence. Tolerant, it's very forgiving in errors of positioning or pressure.... Read on

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The Cham 2.0 97 by Dynastar is a ski that will surprise by its exceptionally user-friendly handling that performs intuitively both on and off piste.

On the piste, it behaves extremely well. The ski is agreeable, agile and very simple to use. Initiation is easy and the ski has a natural inclination to round off turns. In addition, boasts a good kick (despite a light back rocker), it's particularly lively... Read on