Ethics and Methodology


Helping you to choose the right pair of skis

PROSKILAB helps you to choose the skis most suited to your needs, based on your technical ability level, your physical condition, and the way you ski. We test skis that are for sale and provide you with a reliable, objective, and completely independent review.

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An International Review

The PROSKILAB? ski review is published in 5 languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German, and English). Every year, hundreds of thousands of European internet users visit the site in the hope of finding the right pair of skis.


Market Segmentation and Definition of Categories

PROSKILAB defines categories which correspond to different segments of the market and to specific related criteria.

A Comparative Test and Preselection of Skis

PROSKILAB's methodology dictates that all the skis in a given category be tested by the same panel of testers in the same half-day period in order to have similar snow conditions throughout the test.

Our commitment to provide a truly comparative test, that is, where all the skis in a category are tested by the same panel of testers on the same half-day, reduces the number of models we can test in each category.

Therefore, the skis chosen for the test have already been evaluated two months prior to the actual test. The purpose of this step is to choose skis that best fulfill the criteria of the different categories. These skis will be tested in the conditions outlined above.

Independence of the Review


The PROSKILAB review is independent. In particular, the review refuses all commercial or advertising collaboration with the brands.

How is PROSKILAB funded?

PROSKILAB is funded by offering ad space on its sites for various products and services related to skiing and winter sports, with the exception of ski manufacturers and their representatives.

In particular, the PROSKILAB review receives compensation from retailers for each click by an internet user on a link in the "Where to buy this ski" section.

The Test Team

Pro Testers

For the most part, the testers are experienced professionals, ski instructors and/or high mountain guides, specialists in their discipline (freeride, freestyle, etc.), and often former racers or competitors. They are paid. Their job is to analyze the performance of the ski in detail.

"Expert" Testers

The evaluation of a ski by the pros is rounded out by input from "expert" skiers, who are strong amateur skiers who provide a less technical opinion, but one that is closer to that of the consumer.