Helping you choose the right pair of skis

PROSKILAB™ helps you to choose the best skis to match your needs, depending on your technical and physical prowess and the way you ski, by testing skis available in the shops to give you a reliable, objective and entirely independant assessment.

1er European ski review

The PROSKILAB™ review is published in 5 languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German and English). Every year, hundreds of thousands of Europeans visit the review to find the skis that are best for them.

How is PROSKILAB™ funded?

PROSKILAB™ is funded through the advertising spaces it sells on its site for various products and services related to skiing and winter sports. The site refuses all publicity for ski models or brands so as to retain its commercial independence and its freedom to evaluate the different ski models without bias (see further down the page). To get in touch with our advertising department, click here.

Reviews of the best models

Prior selection of the best skis

PROSKILAB™ was launched to review a small selection of models considered to be among the best on the market. Selection of the skis to be tested is in several stages:

1. PROSKILAB™ defines the criteria for each of the categories tested

2. PROSKILAB™ selects the manufacturers (4 to 7) for each category according to their speciality and the brand’s performance in previous reviews.

3. The selected manufacturers send us their best models for each category.

Manufacturers selected in :

The selection process means that the standard of skis to test out is globally excellent. That’s why the lowest marks are rarely under 12/20. In some cases, the PROSKILAB™ team may pre-test certain products to be sure of the quality of the skis before the comparative review.

A genuine comparative ski review

Many reviews test out skis with no guarantee regarding the consistency of the test conditions, which is crucial for a reliable comparison of such products. PROSKILAB™ is a real comparative review, as the skis in a same category are always tested:

  • by the same panel of reviewers

  • in the same snow conditions

A professional review

Skis tested by professionals

The skis are tested by paid professionals, often specialists in their discipline (freeride, freestyle, etc.). They are expected to push the ski to its limits and to analyse its behaviour.

The professional reviewers are selected on the following criterias:

  • Technical qualifications (at least 1st grade national ski diploma, High Mountain Guide certificate, 2nd grade national ski diploma, etc.),

  • Experience in competitions in the disciplines involved,

  • Prior equipment testing experience.

Additional remarks from expert skiers

The PROSKILAB™ review is completely independent and has no commercial ties with the ski manufacturers in any form whatsoever. Above all, PROSKILAB™ is the only professional ski test to refuse all advertising contracts with the brands so as to avoid any risk of financial dependence on the latter.


Clear ethical principles

All the brands, whether specialist or mainstream equipment, a French or a foreign brand, well known or more exclusive, are tested under exactly the same conditions. A few brands that refused to take part in an objective and independent review are not included.

A wholly independent ski review

The PROSKILAB™ review is completely independent and has no commercial ties with the ski manufacturers in any form whatsoever.