Head 2020 ski reviews

Reviewers' score

This category is oriented towards performance and fun, and the Head Worldcup Rebels i.Race did not disappoint the testers.

All of the testers were impressed by the liveliness of the ski: “snappy turn initiation,” “grippy,” “phenomenal edge-to-edge transfers.” You can go fast “and still feel incredibly safe.”

The ski is at its best when it is on the edge.... Read on

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The Head Kore 93 is 93 mm in the waist, so it falls in between Proskilab’s two All-Mountain categories. Last year, we tested it in the All-Mountain Back category, and it won a “Best Ski 2019” award. The arrival of the Kore 99 in this category encouraged us to test its little brother in the All-Mountain Front category, which is more frontside-oriented, and it did not disappoint.

The waist width... Read on

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The test length of the Head World Cup Rebels i.Speed was too short (175 cm instead of the 180 cm requested). With an 18 m radius, it is not a typical GS ski.

The ski is easy to use, almost “too easy,” and is "a lot of fun." Performance is good but not like the skis that rank at the top of this category. The testers especially liked its ability to enter into the turn, to hold the line,... Read on

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While the Head Kore 93 won a "Best Ski" medal last year in this category, the Kore 99 seems a lot stiffer and more performance-oriented.

This ski is made to go fast. It excels at high speed both on piste and off-piste. Its stability and capacity to dampen vibrations are simply amazing. The ski aspires to only one thing: to go fast. And according to the testers, it “needs space” to... Read on

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The Head World Cup Rebels I.SL is a “super ski, very responsive and playful” but the “test length was too short.” We could see it had great qualities, but we could not make them most of them. We tested it in a 160 cm instead of the 165 cm that we requested. It would have no doubt received a higher score in a longer size. But the level of performance was still excellent, and the ski was a lot... Read on

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Head calls their V-Shape line an all-mountain range, but it is really more a frontside/all-round range (like the Speed Zone 4 x 4). The V-Shape gets its name from the shape of the skis, which is wider in the tip. The range consists of five models with increasing levels of performance: V2, V4, V6, V8, V10.

The V-Shape V4 comes in an XL version, which is a lot wider, with 11 mm extra in the waist. This was... Read on

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The Head Super Joy is well known and appreciated by Proskilab testers for its lively character. It does not seem to have changed much since last year.

The comments poured out to describe the fun they had on this ski: "Excellent ski," "good ski," and "enjoyable to ski." They also said it has “technical potential.”

On the performance side, this ski will be a... Read on

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The V-Shape series gets its name from the shape of the skis, which are considerably wider in the tip. The Head V-Shape V8 immediately shows its strength: carving.

It is a true “carving machine,” is “responsive,” and the ski “easily rolls onto the edge.” It is comfortable going onto the edge and can take big edge angles. The ski’s flexibility allows it to bend with... Read on

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The amazing Head Kore 93, winner of the "Best Ski" award last year in the men’s category, is quickly becoming one of the benchmarks in the all-mountain ski market. This year, Head has brought out a women’s version: The Kore 93 W.

Its construction is the same as the men’s model. It is interesting to note that Head’s approach is fairly different from other brands. The competitors... Read on