Kästle 2020 ski reviews

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The Kästle MX67 won the "Best Ski" award last year, and this year’s model has the same great qualities.

The first thing we noticed when we tested the MX67 was the balance between accessibility and agility. The ski engages in the turn easily with little effort. Just roll the ski on edge and the tip bites, the ski flexes, and you are already comfortably in a turn, which is of course pretty... Read on

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The Kästle RX12 SL focuses on fun and accessibility. All the testers appreciated its ease of use. The word “enjoyable” appeared on five out of six test cards. That says a lot...

The ski “is easy to control from the get-go” and is very docile for this category. Turn initiation is almost spontaneous and requires minimal effort from the skier. The ski is snappy, responsive, and stable.... Read on

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The Kästle FX96 HP (for "High Performance") is a new ski from Kästle, which replaces the FX95 HP. This season, the ski has reinforced carbon rather than metal.

It is a very versatile ski and perfectly comfortable in this All-Mountain Back category. On groomers, it is at ease in all types of turns. It carves well and is fairly nimble.

The testers were really impressed by how smooth... Read on

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The comments we made last year about the Kästle RX12 GS can be also be said about this year’s model.

Overall performance is good. The testers were especially impressed by the turn entry, which is intuitive and precise.

The ski is versatile and at ease in all types of turns. It can go slowly and even make skidded turns. Its medium radius, its sidecut, and its flexibility make it very proficient... Read on

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At Kästle, the new DX series targets price-conscious customers, with two models, the DX73 and the DX85, both of which cost 599 € with bindings.

"A docile ski," "enjoyable and quiet,” the DX73 is a delight at moderate speeds. It is a very accessible ski because the performance is balanced and intuitive, it is easy to pivot, and skidded turns are consistent.

When you... Read on

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The Kästle DX73 W in the Vogue series is a women’s version of the men’s DX73. The testers found the ski too short (156 cm) and would have liked to have a few extra centimeters of edge length.

Without a doubt, accessibility is the best quality of this ski. It is really amazing. The testers called it “easy to handle.” The DX73 W doesn’t need any special operating instructions.... Read on

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Although the Kästle MX84 won a “Best Ski” medal last year in this category, the performance of this year’s model did not seem as good to the testers. In particular, they found that the ski was less precise, and less “stable and confidence-inspiring” than last year’s model.

This difference is hard to explain because the ski does not seem to have changed. Was there a problem... Read on

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The little brother of the FX95, the Kästle FX86 is not an HP (High Performance) version, but it is light and easy to use. In fact, it is one of the lightest skis in this category, weighing in at 1.7 kg in the test size, according to Kastle.

The FX86 is a smooth, versatile, soft, and easy ski that performs well as long as you don’t go too fast. Its softness allows it to flex and carve with little... Read on