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Fischer 2017 ski reviews

Reviewers' score


The RC4 RC from Fisher has passed the preselection for this PROSKILAB™ category for several years. While it didn't come top, it's still one of the best skis on the market and well deserves its place in the selection.

First of all, it's a genuine giant slalom ski, full of punch, grippy and incisive. It's a ski you can count on when you want to zip down the slopes in all situations.

But... Read on

Reviewers' score

The Pro Mtn ti (for "Pro Mountain") was pre-tested in January 2016, and was given the go-ahead to join the PROSKILAB™ review. The model sent in for the review appeared to have a preparation problem however, which affected its performance.

The reviewers effectively found its grip was uneven and varied depending on the pressure, making the ski difficult to manage, especially at high speeds, with... Read on

Reviewers' score

Fisher is an excellent brand that we've been testing with success for many years. The RC4 SC is a well-known model, reviewed last year with good results and highly appreciated by our reviewers for its sports qualities.

However, we have to say that our reviewers were somewhat disappointed with the model we were given to test this year. The ski is particularly stiff and requires a great deal of physical effort... Read on