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Nordica 2019 ski reviews

Reviewers' score

The Nordica Speed Machine 80 FDT is packed with energy. According to our testers, it is "a fabulous, responsive, and precise ski," and clearly designed for performance. They were particularly impressed by its edge grip, stability, and ability to hold the line.

At the same time, the ski is quite versatile, which is an important quality in this category. It allows the skier to adapt to different... Read on

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The name Dobermann GSR RB FDT is a bit of a mouthful! We can easily guess that GSR stands for "Giant Slalom Race," and we know that RB stands for "Racing Bridge," but we are still trying to find out what FDT means, although it seems to be linked to the plate which, in this case, is the company's own "Recoil Power Plate.”

The ski performs well and is responsive. Edge hold... Read on

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The Doberman Spitfire TI FDT spits fire... It may be a bit too much for this category where we're looking for skis that lower level skiers can handle.

This ski is really dynamic. Turn initiation, edge-to-edge transfer, precision in carved turns, and stability are all excellent. A "good carving ski," it holds the line even at high speed and allows the skier to take big edge angles.

Despite... Read on

Reviewers' score

Another legendary ski, the Nordica Enforcer 100 has always impressed the PROSKILAB testers and has won a "Best Ski" award in the past.

Since then, the ski has frequently been chosen for the PROSKILAB review. It continues to do well, but it fell a few places in the rankings this year due to softer snow conditions and to the arrival of new competitors (in particular, the Experience 94 Ti).

There... Read on

Reviewers' score

While the Enforcer 100 regularly shines in the All-Mountain Back category, the Enforcer 93 lagged behind the competitors in the All-Mountain Front category.

Its overall performance is good on groomed runs as well as off-piste. The ski is great and can handle all conditions.

We got mixed reviews for the Enforcer 93's performance at low speeds. Our expert (non-professional) testers had a very... Read on

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At 93 mm in the waist, the Santa Ana 93 is the narrowest in the Santa Ana all-mountain and freeski range.

On groomers, the testers were impressed by its liveliness and the edge grip provided by the stiff tail, as long as you didn’t lean too far forward. The ski is relatively snappy for this category and super fun in short turns.

Off-piste, it floats easily in powder and cuts through chopped-up... Read on