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Nordica GT Speed Machine 80 FDT 2019

Reviewed by PROSKILAB

PROSKILAB™ reviewers' comments

The Nordica Speed Machine 80 FDT is packed with energy. According to our testers, it is "a fabulous, responsive, and precise ski," and clearly designed for performance. They were particularly impressed by its edge grip, stability, and ability to hold the line.

At the same time, the ski is quite versatile, which is an important quality in this category. It allows the skier to adapt to different terrain, easily transitioning from a carved turn to a skidded turn, and from a short turn to a long turn, depending on the skier’s mood. One tester summed up the ski’s qualities perfectly: "Fantastic! Easy to carve, smooth, forgiving, and performs well."

The reviewers were full of praise for its carving performance and ability to create big edge angles. Carved turns are very easy and smooth, making the ski really playful and a lot of fun.

We recommend the GT Speed Machine 80 FDT for advanced to expert skiers, especially carving fans.

Review: Pros

  • Good overall performance
  • Precise, agile
  • Easy to carve
  • Excels at long turns
  • Versatile
  • Great edge grip and holds the line

Review: Cons

  • The ski requires more effort in short turns although it is still very good at them
  • Not very smooth or accessible for this category

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Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

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Manufacturer's remarks

New this season, the GT SPEEDMACHINE 80 FDT was designed for advanced to expert skiers looking for an everyday all-mountain frontside ski. Featuring new lightweight metal dual torsion bridge technology, an oversized tip and a versatile tail shape, the new Marker plate provides skiers with more maneuverability and smoothness as well as precision and power in all types of snow.
The GT SPEEDMACHINE 80 FDT is a powerful and stable carving ski for all conditions.
Sandwich construction, wood core, Titanal torsion bridge, new Marker interface (exclusive to Nordica).

Features of the GT Speed Machine 80 FDT

Brand : Nordica
Model : GT Speed Machine 80 FDT
Year : 2019
Family : Cruisers
Size tested : 168 cm
Tip size : 130 mm
Waist size : 80 mm
Tail size : 110 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : 14 m

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Reviewed by PROSKILAB™

in La Clusaz, France, March 2018