Zag 2019 ski reviews

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Zag UBAC 95 reviews 2019

Men's skis 2019 > Freeride touring

The UBAC 95 from ZAG hasn't changed much compared with the model we reviewed last year.

It's a ski that’s light underfoot, simple to handle, with very easy turn initiation. It's relatively docile and enjoyable as long as you don't go too fast.

Off-trail, its behavior is good. Its float and rotation in the powder in particular won praise from the reviewers: "extremely enjoyable ski in powder."

On the other hand, once the rider steps up the pace, the ski begins to show its limitations.... Read on

Reviewers' score
Tested by pro skiers
100% independent test

Zag H-95 reviews 2019

Men's skis 2019 > All-Mountain back

Selected for the PROSKILAB review for several seasons now, the H-95 from ZAG is one of the best skis in this segment of the market. Unfortunately, the testers detected erratic behavior that was probably due to how the skis were tuned: unpredictable turn initiation, inconsistent control in the turns, irregular pressure...

As a result, we decided not to review the ski this year and to try again next year. As far as we know, the ski has not changed, and we suggest that our readers check out the PROSKILAB 2018 review and other 2019 reviews... Read on