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Dynastar Speed Master SL R22 review 2020

Best ski 2020

PROSKILAB™ reviewers' comments

The Proskilab testers came back with enormous smiles on their faces after they tested the Dynastar Speed Master SL! We have to point out that this ski offers an amazing compromise between performance and accessibility. This year, the model came with the R22 race plate (like its twin brother at Rossignol).

It only took a few seconds to realize that we were dealing with a ski with a very strong slalom character. The Speed Master SL has all the qualities you would expect in this category: fast turn initiation, quick edge-to-edge transfer, great edge grip, precision in the turn, rebound at the end of the turn. We were not disappointed, in fact, we were actually surprised how incredibly well this ski performed. Testers called it “very good and very solid underfoot” and full of energy.

The Speed Master SL R22 is a high-performance ski but is still very accessible, "easy," "reliable,” and forgiving for this category. It is very enjoyable to use as an everyday ski. It is also quite versatile for this category, allowing you to transition smoothly from very dynamic turns to more cruisy skidded turns, in both short and long turns.

However, the testers found that you have pressure the front of the ski to ensure that you “finish the turn.”

The Dynastar Speed Master SL R22 and the Rossignol Hero Elite ST TI R22 (which offer very similar performance, although not identical) are not the best-performing skis on the market. They are more than speed machines. They are very lively skis that strike an excellent balance between accessibility and performance.

The mix of performance, accessibility, and versatility make it a super fun ski. The ski seems to do whatever you ask, is comfortable in all conditions, never gets you into trouble, and is a blast to ski on. The testers’ comments were eloquent: “an excellent ski,” “favorite ski in the test this year,” and “such a high level of performance and still so accessible, it is amazing!” In short, the testers were very excited by this ski.

The Speed Master SL is a very progressive ski. It is the ultimate “recreational” slalom ski and will satisfy a large number of skiers, from the advanced skier who wants to improve short turns or try racing, to expert skiers who are more focused on fun than performance.

The sidecut and the performance of the Dynastar are so close to the Rossignol’s that we wanted to consider them to be the same ski. The Rossignol seemed a little more accessible and the Dynastar a bit more solid and performed better, but the differences are really minor and could be due to the tuning of the skis.

Review: Pros

  • Overall performance
  • Excellent balance between performance and accessibility
  • Holds the line in the turn
  • Edge grip
  • Excellent versatility for a race-inspired ski
  • Easily transitions between carved and skidded turns
  • Enjoyable and fun to ride
  • Promotes technical improvement

Review: Cons

  • None

The ski review scores

Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

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Manufacturer's remarks

The new SPEED MASTER SL has World Cup sandwich construction with full-length vertical sidewalls reinforced with Titanal and is equipped with the World Cup R 22 Plate. Developed by our race department, it is a powerful and lively slalom ski that brings fun to a whole new level both on the groomers and in the gates. Built with a structure inspired from the World Cup slalom skis, but with a more modern sidecut than the FIS model, it will exceed the expectations of the most demanding alpine skiers. It has the power and stability of a World Cup slalom ski combined with amazing agility!

Features of the Speed Master SL R22

Brand : Dynastar
Model : Speed Master SL R22
Year : 2020
Family : Slalom
Size tested : 168 cm
Tip size : 121 mm
Waist size : 67 mm
Tail size : 105 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : 13 m

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Reviewed by PROSKILAB™

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