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Dynastar Speed Master GS R22 review 2020

Best ski 2020

PROSKILAB™ reviewers' comments

After a few difficult years when the Rossignol/Dynastar skis were poorly ranked by Proskilab, the group has evidently bounced back and now offers products that are particularly suited to certain market segments.

In the performance-oriented categories, the skis of this group are now favorites. We should point out that their success is due in part to the R22 race plate, which gives performance a huge boost. The same models systematically lose a few spots in the rankings when they are tested with the group’s Konect plate, which is geared more towards recreational skiers.

Last year, the Speed Master GS also won the “Best Ski" award, and this year, it again dominates this category.

The ski is “shaped for performance.” The testers thought that the ski’s performance was very close to a race ski and called it “a real GS ski!”

Its rock-solid stability allows you to go at incredible speeds but still feel safe and in control. The testers were also impressed by the fantastic ski-snow contact, the “killer edge grip,” and incredible turn precision.

You need good technique to get the most out of this ski. However, it is relatively forgiving for this level of performance. The testers described it as a “progressive ski,” that works with relatively little effort and performs better and better the faster you go.

The ski doesn’t have much rebound at the end of the turn, which is a disadvantage for our pro testers, but it will make less technical skiers feel safer.

The ski is phenomenal in long turns at high speed. If you shorten the turn radius, it is a little more demanding but still works.

In short, the Dynastar GS R22 is a very high-performance ski that we recommend to all very advanced to expert skiers who want to feel like they are on a race ski.

Review: Pros

  • Awesome performance
  • Feels like a real GS ski
  • Great performance in long turns at high-speed
  • Phenomenal edge grip and hold.
  • Progressive flex, forgiving for this level of performance
  • Capable of shortening the turn radius when necessary

Review: Cons

  • Certain testers thought it lacked rebound at the end of the turn

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Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

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Manufacturer's remarks

The new Speed Master GS R22 has World Cup sandwich construction with full-length vertical sidewalls reinforced with Titanal and is equipped with the World Cup R 22 Plate developed by our race service. It is a powerful and lively giant slalom ski that brings fun to a whole new level both on the groomers and in the gates. Built with a structure inspired from the World Cup giant slalom skis, but with a more modern sidecut than the FIS model, it will exceed the expectations of the most demanding alpine skiers. It has the power and stability of a World Cup GS ski combined with amazing agility.

Features of the Speed Master GS R22

Brand : Dynastar
Model : Speed Master GS R22
Year : 2020
Family : Giant slalom
Size tested : 180 cm
Tip size : 113 mm
Waist size : 710 mm
Tail size : 96 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : 21 m

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Reviewed by PROSKILAB™

in La Clusaz, France, March 2019