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Völkl Deacon 74 2019

Reviewed by PROSKILAB


Best ski 2019

PROSKILAB™ reviewers comments

While Völkl skis regularly stand at the top of the podium in the PROSKILAB™ All mountain category, piste skis have found it more difficult to feature among the world's top skis.

Things change. The reviewers loved the Deacon 74 in this Carvers category where we select high-performing skis that are less demanding than race-inspired skis but will still boost your adrenalin levels.

The ski was a perfect match for the program. It offers plenty of enjoyment, mainly due to its liveliness and “very consistent" behavior according to the reviewers.

Initiation is fast and intuitive. In turns, the ski is excellent thanks to its immense grip and great stability. The Deacon 74's docile nature and high performance encourages riders to "lay on the pressure", increase their angle and stretch their limits that little bit further. The tool offers lots of room for improvement and riders who want to perfect their technique will love it.

The ski loves long turns but doesn't require a lot of engagement in tighter short turns.

The Völkl Deacon 74 is a highly successful ski that we strongly recommend for a wide public. Good riders will find that it adapts to their needs and will help them to improve their performance. Very good to expert riders will love its consistency and versatility.

Review: Pros

  • Lively and incisive
  • Great grip
  • Fast and easy turn initiation
  • Versatility and quality in all types of ride: carving, stem, slide...
  • Awesome long turns

Review: Cons

  • More demanding in short turns
  • Slight lack of rebound in turn exit according to some reviewers

The ski review scores

Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

Who's it for?

Good → Expert

Manufacturer's remarks

Snow conditions change fast in the ski resorts: perfectly groomed in the morning, a few moguls by the end of the day, and sometimes artificial snow which doesn’t have the same grip or gliding sensation. It was for these specific conditions that our engineers and reviewers designed a larger ski for 2018/2019 with the same slide, grip and performance characteristics as a race ski.
The Deacon is equipped with the new UVO 3D technology so we developed a 360° movement together with a spring that allows the UVO 3D to move from top to bottom to dampen vibrations and give the ski enhanced ski-snow contact.
In terms of construction, the Deacon has opted for the 3D Glass technology: fiberglass placed vertically along the straight sidewalls at the tip and tail, which gives the ski greater stiffness and power. The fiberglass is flat at the bindings so riders can flex the ski more easily.
The line also includes the Deacon 76. The model comes in a PRO version with the famous Marker WC Piston Interface plate. Available in black or in color.

Features of the Deacon 74

Brand : Völkl
Model : Deacon 74
Year : 2019
Family : Carvers
Size tested : 173 cm
Tip size : 125 mm
Waist size : 74 mm
Tail size : 104 mm
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