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Elan Amphibio 80 Ti review 2018

PROSKILAB™ reviewers' comments

The Amphibio 80 Ti deserves its place in this selection of the best skis on the market. The reviewers came back enthusiastic, particularly impressed by the model’s overall accessibility and easy rotation. The ski is simple to use, enjoyable and its overdrive feature is reassuring for less experienced riders. Behaviour is globally good and consistent with really smooth carves that are very easy to initiate. There was just one small criticism; some reviewers felt that it lacked comfort and consistency in skid turns. The Amphibio 80 Ti is a ski that makes you want to improve and allows riders who can already manage traverse rides and the snowplough (ESF class 1) to advance to turn initiation and carving (ESF class 3).

Review: Pros

  • A highly user-friendly ski
  • Easy rotation
  • Versatile
  • Facilitates carving
  • A very progressive ski that makes you want to improve

Review: Cons

  • Skid turns
  • Lacks grip and stability in dynamic turns

The ski review scores

Turn initiation
Stability/turning performance
Short turn performance
Long turn performance
Skid turn performance
Snow contact
Soft snow fluidity

Who's it for?

Basic → Good

Manufacturer's remarks

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to make compromises. With Elan’s Amphibio 80 Ti that combines the best of all mountain skis, we’ve proved them wrong. It has enough punch to conquer the whole mountain, whatever the snow conditions or the turn radius, while remaining superbly versatile with tolerant behavior that will take you down to the bottom of the slopes with ease. Part of its magic recipe is due to the Elan Amphibio 4D technology. It’s the clever combination of camber for more grip and a rocker for faster, more direct turns, with two different preformed layers (one at the tip and one at the tail of the ski) to reduce chatter. A convex layer at the front of the ski will help you enter turns with precision, while the concave layer at the back will take you out of the turn faster. These skis are so nimble they just make you want to do more!

Features of the Amphibio 80 Ti

Brand : Elan
Model : Amphibio 80 Ti
Year : 2018
Family : Easy Cruisers
Size tested : 176 cm
Tip size : 108 mm
Waist size : 80 mm
Tail size : 108 mm
Radius for the size reviewed : Not available

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Reviewed by PROSKILAB™

in La Clusaz, France, March 2017