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Scott 2018 ski reviews

Reviewers' score

Let’s be honest; the Slight 93 proposed by Scott is not a true All Mountain front ski and, despite its qualities, it struggles in this category. Its shape and behavior betray its classic trail origins. So it’s no surprise that the ski is very happy on the groomed slopes where it’s great at everything: turn initiation, turn performance, bite, etc. It really excels in short turns. Sheer bliss. On the other... Read on

Reviewers' score

The SKi W's from Scott has the same qualities as its peer designed for men. It’s a relatively springy ski with progressive flex. The reviewers liked its accessibility, its overall behavior, and its great agility and fluidity on soft snow. The tip tends to bend slightly in chopped up crud, but it’s the price for its user-friendliness. Its flexibility means that you should avoid getting one that's... Read on